Biophilic Design & Architecture- Bringing the Outside Inside

Biophilic Design & Architecture- Bringing the Outside Inside

The bond between man and nature cannot be overemphasized. The rampant destruction of nature and its devastating impact on our beloved planet has been well documented. The thrust therefore on sustainable building strategies has been on the rise over the last two decades. It is therefore not surprising that ‘biophilic’ design and architecture, which aims at creating strong connections between nature and the built-environment is gradually finding an increasing number of takers.

Photo Caption: Central Park Sydney is an excellent example for biophilic design. ( Pic courtesy: Wikipedia)

Various studies conducted at different parts of the world have proven the efficacy of green interior spaces making its inhabitant’s lives happier and workplaces more productive.

Photo Caption: The  Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Madrid is a good example of a modern workplace integrated with nature that helps to improve productivity.

Biophilic designers are coming out with creative spaces that well and truly aim to bring the outside inside. The eclectic mix of natural daylight, organic materials and vegetation are leading to trailblazing projects in the field.

Photo caption: Roof garden at Rockfeller Center, Manhattan ( Picture courtesy:Wikipedia)

Moreover biophilic designs and architecture is not just restricted to residential buildings. Architects are coming out with outstanding designs for every type of built environment, whether it is individual residentices, office space , community or public real estate.