Today, the study of Architecture, apart from the design to house human activity also calls for meeting the challenges of a society that is in a state of flux. Factors such as environmental quality, sustainability, standards of living, and social progress needs must be considered. Designers and planners must be able to address emerging issues both practically and theoretically, learn to extract opportunities from conflicts, and generate built and natural forms that are solutions to both specific and generic problems. At Sasi Creative School of Architecture, we place great emphasis on bringing to the fore the student’s analytical abilities and creative acumen to help them cope with the challenges of the future.

Students are taught and encouraged to bring creative and innovative thinking into the learning process and develop an individual and inclusive approach to design and planning through their exposure to a wide range of contemporary design and planning philosophies, and to a variety of technical and scientific methodologies. Given the fact that the demand for environmentally sustainable building structure is growing rapidly, career prospects for architecture engineers are manifold both in India and abroad. At Sasi Creative School of Architecture, students are equipped to bring innovative thinking and creative processes into a discipline that actually demands it.