The Sasi Creative School of Architecture is housed in the Sasi Creative School of Architecture campus. The environment is designed to enhance ones creativity by allowing individuals to interact with natural environments to understand the simple and fundamental laws, thereby initializing the wisdom to create solutions that are sustainable and progressive. It is well equipped with state of the art infrastructure such as Digital Classrooms, Studios, Art rooms, Conference room, Computer Lab, and Student Lounges. There is a full-fledged library with over 500 books and journals, all of international caliber.

The campus holds other amenities such as student-lockers and cafeteria. The campus is located at Mylierpalayam, 18 kilometers from the centre of the city of Coimbatore. It is only 25 minutes away from the main railway station, 25 minutes to the Airport. The supportive environment at the campus encourages you to achieve the highest standards and reach your potential. Our course teams can really help you develop and push your creative boundaries.


• Computer Lab equipped with high-end PC’s
• High bandwidth 3mbps internet connection
• Digital library
• Meeting room
• Syndicate room
• Cafeteria
• Large Seminar halls
• Events and exhibition facilities