Clay Modeling Workshop
First years students had a whale of a time during the Clay Modeling Workshop conducted on November 27th, at SCSA campus. The workshop was in a way an endeavor to re-connect with the Earth.

Each student under the watchful eyes of faculty member, Mr.Roobesh Kumar had to come out with a unique design. The inherent creative talents of the students were there for everyone to see. Students were able to come out with some outstanding designs that left everyone nodding in admiration.

As part of the workshop students also learnt about the various methods of working clay and sharpening their clay handling skills. The workshop offered the perfect mix of fun coupled with creative learning.

Design & Identity Workshop
To constantly trigger the inherent inquisitive curiosity has been one of the endeavors at SCSA. As part of these initiatives, a “Design & Identity” workshop was conducted by Ar.Deepika Thangavelu from the Cheran School of Architecture, Karur. The workshop brought into focus the way different individuals perceive someone else’s identity. Apart from being a team bonding exercise, the workshop also brought out the hidden creative talents of the 2nd year students.

Another key objective of the workshop was to hone and fine tune the communication skills of the budding architects, since the students had to interact, as well as present the identity of others in terms of vision, aims, approaches and philosophies.