An Amazing 10 Storied Tree House Treehouses have continued to fascinate people of all ages. Whether it is the young, or the not so young, they have their own charm about them. Keeping in with times, treehouses have been getting bigger by the day.

However, the ‘Minister’s Treehouse’ in Crossville, Tennessee, US takes the cake when it comes to its sheer size. It is a, believe it or not, 10 storied structure which has been built using tons of reclaimed wood.

A brainchild of designer Horace Burgess, the painstaking effort involved in creating the building is by itself an achievement. Over 250,000 nails were used by him for constructing this building, whose complete construction has taken 15 years, according to popular blog My Deco.

The sheer proportions of the building make it among the biggest treehouses that have been ever built. The building is also considered the tallest treehouse in the world.