The Stack – New York’s Tallest “Off-site” Constructed Structure Rises

There is no dearth of iconic structures in the Manhattan area. Just as the news of the topping out of World One Towers was dying down, comes this news about a sevenstory, 28 –unit apartment building on an infill site in the area. What is remarkable about the building is that it is completely factory built. Known as “The Stack” the building is a brainchild of architecture firm, Gluck+. The designers have coined the term “off-site construction” for the method they have used instead of it being a “prefabricated” or “modular building”.

The Stack is composed of 56 steel-and-concrete modules built in a factory in Berwick, Pennsylvania. The structure has one-two and three bedroom apartments. According to the architects, a similar, but conventionally constructed building would have cost at least 15 percent more. Moreover, it would have also taken anywhere between two to six months more, as compared to conventional methods. The building is expected to be ready for occupation soon.

The structure, once complete, will be New York City’s tallest residential structure built using the off-site construction method. However, it could soon lose its title to a 32-story apartment building being designed by SHoP Architects in Brooklyn, which is expected to be completed by next summer.