1758-1900’s brought in significance to Agriculture where farming was the principal occupation of any family. The providers are not getting enough attention now!

The world over- calorie intake has increased from 2250 K cal in 1961 to 2800 K cal in 2000. Global economic meltdown impacts the environmental challenges as well .The present setting needs a quick fix on the eco system. While I investigate my thoughts further nothing could stop me from looking at the fatigued eyes of a farmer .The ‘Crop producer’ has huge problems to tackle

American agronomists apply Innovative technologies- Bus, Telematics though water availability, and livestock feeding and climatic conditions add more anxiety for many crop scientists in America. 21% of Indian Gross domestic profit is from agricultural sector however is passive. Indian cultivators have to be educated to introduce new techniques of cropping. Natural farming is comparatively low in produce despite the grand inputs.

Knowledge has to be installed in to the traditional system of rural governance, empower the farmers to implement the ever evolving bio technology which can bring in enormous monetary changes to this part of the world.

What if’ Small farmers make big entrepreneurs and will award us in return the perfectly balanced flora and fauna to inhabit. The ecological balance is super! On this note-Take a deep breath! Inhale adequate quantity of oxygen from the coconut farms and echo the rustic heroes “Innovators”.