At Sasi Creative School of Architecture (SCSA) and Sasi Creative School of Business (SCSB), it has always been our endeavour to trigger the inherent creative talents of students. The cultural event offered the perfect blend of entertainment and creativity, with students showcasing their entire repertoire of talent.

The cultural fest included a wide array of activities including, Acoustica, Acapella Act, solo dance, variety entertainment, vegetable carving, magazine collage, Battle of the Bands, crew showcase & battle, Minute to Fame, Shoot Click Kalpana, Rangoli, facial painting and designing greeting cards, events which fell into different categories namely, ‘Raaga’ (music), ‘Tandava'(dance), ‘Tantra’ (theater &playhouse) and ‘Alekhya’ (photography & arts).

The audience was treated to a wide variety of melodies and beats as part of the musical event. Indian dance was performed the theme for the group dance performances by the students in a completely new avatar.

The theater event saw the participants give an awesome performance, which had the audience asking for more. The histrionics displayed by the participants , whether it was dialogues, music, gestures or dance, made for superb entertainment, apart from offering a window into the amazing talent of the students.

The impact of Chris Gayle was felt at the event, what with the ‘Gangnam’ style ruling the roost during the event. Some memorable performances included students dancing to the steps and tunes of Michael Jackson, AR Rahman and Hrithik Roshan. Foot- tapping numbers, seamless band performances, glittering costume design and brilliant choreography were all in display.

The ‘Minute to Fame’ event was another highlight of the day. Based on American prime time game show where the contestants showcase their unique talents to a panel of judges, the event several unique attempts. Some of them included gymnastic performances, breathless singing, students gobbling green chilies, playing musical instruments, mathematical wedding and dancing, among others.

The photography event ‘Shoot Click Kalpana’ brought the creative flair of the students to the fore. Adding color was the ‘Rangoli’ event with themes such as ‘Lord Ganesha’ and ‘Dhiya’ (Lamp).

The ‘Battle of Bands’ saw literally everyone, from novice amateurs to seasoned campaigners rock the stage with pulsating music and dance. The icing on the cake was the performance by the famous music band from Chennai – ‘Cross Roads’, which had the audience listening with riveting attention.

The popular ‘Polimer’ TV channel organized a ‘VJ Hunt’ during the event, with students from various colleges showcasing their skills.

Another major highlight of Kalpana ’13 was the presence of the film crew of ‘Onbadhule Guru’ during the occasion. The heart-throb of Tamil film industry, Vinay Rai, the hero of the movie charmed the students with his witty replies to questions. The music director of the movie, Krishna Kumar, took the students through the musical journey of the film.

Over 700 students from various schools and colleges participated in Kalpana ’13 making it among the biggest such event conducted in the city. Cash prizes worth Rs.70,000/- were awarded to deserving winners in various categories. Certificates of merit and participation were also awarded to the winners and participants from various institutions..