Time is money’ is very true for this new age cost-cutting measures and cutbacks. Globally, there are major issues which are affecting the financial system of each nation for many years now though Indian economy is dynamic that can withstand the fiscal deficits of the world.

It is easy to hustle, hustle and accumulate your wealth; it can get overwhelming to keep them. There are umpteen banks at your doorstep. Investing in the right basket is very tough. Make your savings early as the clock ticks faster than the wink of an eye and decades pass by without dreams fulfilled.

The International banks prefer `conservative us’ to offer their credit as the typical desi attitude is making the payments on time. We can focus on our strengths and build a perfect future, give understanding to the young minds on retirement plan, mutual funds and children’s gift plan. Students who can become potential investors must be taught from school about putting your money right. Parents and teachers must award them in return for their creative ideas of managing their funds.HDFC, Reliance to name a few has come up with funds suiting each one’s objective:

Long term investments
Equity: Will give you high profits on long term investment. Bonds: It is a great nest if your goal is to redeem the funds after 20 years for education or any other purpose.

Short term Investments
Debt funds: This gives you opportunities for short term gains. Exchange traded funds (ETF): Traded with commodities like Gold which is very popular, however their performances are strongly related to dollar appreciation or depreciation. A mutual fund has various other products which are more specific to individual wants and targets. They are safe since the fund managers invest in diverse industries and meticulous planning will help you to get your interests higher.

‘What if’ these youths come up with breakthrough monetary policies and India has enough percapita income to boost its gross domestic product and inflation will never be an issue. The borrowings come down and there could be more Indians residing in the country rather than elsewhere.