They say that change is the only constant and perhaps nowhere is it more true than in the field of architecture. Innovation is the name of the game in the world of architecture and not a single day passes by without something striking hitting headlines. Shipping container architecture is one such area that has been making headlines in recent times.

It all started with the devastating earthquake a few years ago in Haiti, when the concept got a boost. Rescue missions found shipping containers ideally suited for rehabilitating the population who had lost their homes. Elsewhere around the globe too the concept was fast picking up steam, since sustainable building strategies were being encouraged.

Shipping containers make for an ideal building material since they are designed for carrying heavy loads and resist harsh environments. Since the containers are made to standard-measurements they also provide modular elements that can be then combined in order to make large structures. In fact, there have been instances when even 10 story-high structures have been completed using shipping containers.

Since there is very little actual construction involved, shipping container architecture also helps in cutting down on labor costs. Plus the time saved as compared to conventional methods of construction make it a trend to watch out for in the future. From housing to commercial establishments, shipping container architecture is ideally suited for a wide range of applications