One fine afternoon, a beautiful hour of class, where our teacher was explaining about the history of architecture, my eyes were wide open but my mind drifted into a dream with wind blowing over my skin. Breath taking moment! Oh my god! I am in southern edge of my motherland INDIA where the legendary Indian Ocean,Arbian sea and Bay of Bengal blend with each other,which signifies like a bed for universal star.The stunning Thiruvalluvar statue and Vivekanandhar rock, which was embraced by the tidal sound took me up to cloud number nine. Followed by this, I was amazed by the Cheras architectural contribution of Vattakotai fort, where I found a secret passage that led me to Padmanathapuram Palace.Missing the way in the darkness, I landed at the temple town of Madurai, which was my friend Jeni’s hometown. I was totally amazed by Madurai Meenakshiamman temple with pothamarai kulam with 1000 pillar hall embedded along with the musical pillar and this made me realize the creative skills of our ancestors. I enjoyed the Madurai special jigarthanda and I passed on to spend some leisure time in Thirumalainayakar Mahal. Oh my god! What is happening on earth?The granduer and vastness of the palace left me speechless. Then I climbed up Malaikoottai, where the entire busy city looked like a moth buzzing lamp, I feel like I am just a moth that is flying high and high to reach the tip of the gopuram. I felt trustworthy and reached Kallanai to soak myself in water. I could realize slowly that my thirst vanished and my legs walked on a path of green carpet. The scenic beauty of green vegetation mesmerized me and swayed me towards the picture of the Keralaanthagan Gopuram of the Brahadeeshwara temple stood still in my eyes provoking the thoughts of olden days. It looks so young, though it is 1000 years old! Next, my journey led me to Chidambaram temple where I was amazed by the secret of the place. My goodness! Mahabalipuram, which is an example of the skills of our ancestors,who gave life to the stone,the whispering of the waves is also an added advantage to Mahabalipuram. My dream ends with a question from my teacher who woke me up from my dream.I stand still in my class like a statue…..

– M. Sri Vallaba & J. Balasubramanian
(Batch of 2017)