Workshop on 'Conceptual Indian Folk Art Illustrations'

India has been considered a powerhouse when it comes to various forms of arts. From pottery to sculpture, folk arts, visual arts, cave paintings , textile arts to its numerous dance and musical forms, the country is renowned globally for being a treasure trove of unique arts, culture and traditions. A workshop on ‘Conceptual Indian Folk Art Illustrations’ by Atma Studios, Coimbatore, conducted on 07.12.2014 gave students a detailed insight into this glorious tradition of our country. The delightful workshop by Mr.S.C.D. Balaji from Atma Studios triggered the innate artistic talents of the young minds and pushed them to explore hitherto unchartered territories.

In his welcome address during the workshop Ar. Mohammed Ali Workshop on ‘Conceptual Indian Folk Art Illustrations’ held on 07.12.2014 Sharieff, Director, SCSA, observed how vast the treasures of Indian arts and culture were and extolled students to learn as much as they could about the topic. Echoing similar sentiments during his Presidential Address, Rajdeepan Swaminathan, Managing Trustee, SCSA pointed out that the students should do their bit towards furthering continuing the glorious arts tradition of India. In his spell binding talk, Mr.Balaji observed how it is not enough if you just have a qualification in arts in order to become an artist and that you needed a lot of passion and the will to make a mark as an artist. He dwelled into the subject of the quirky and unique style of Indian folk arts.

Students listened to in rapt attention as Mr.Balaji dwelt on the subject of how Indian folk arts are characterized by their attention to intricate details and emphasized features.

With their artistic enthusiasm kindled, it was soon time for the students to indulge in some practical implementation of what they had learnt during the workshop. The students had detailed interactions with Mr.Balaji and got down to creating their own works of art. Keeping in tune with the theme of the workshop , students created traditional yet contemporary Indian art work through illustrations. Needless to say it was one of the most memorable experiences for the young students.