The Sasi Creative School of Architecture started in 2012and successfully going to complete the 1st Graduation Day and the 1st Graduation Day was celebrated in Grand manner at Sasi Colleges, Myleripalayam, Coimbatore-32 on October 28th 2018.

The Chief Guest for the Function was Ar. Vijay Garg, President, Council of Architecture, New Delhi. He addressed the gathering and stressed that an Architect should have the right attitude and passion to perform. He further stressed on saying; as far as excellence is concerned there should not be any excuses and not to apologize for the profit motive. He asked the graduates to learn from the mistakes and to remember that Architecture is professional education and not a vocational or occupational education. Finally he concluded his speech by saying the graduates to “Commit to the journey not the outcome”.

The Principal addressed the gathering extending note of Congratulation and giving a glimpse of the study progress of the college striving for great goals in the dates to come.

Totally 7 boys and 8Girls were awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Architecture.

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