III Semester Design Studio – 2nd Year, B.Arch Students

As a part of the syllabus, III semester students are required to study a rural area.  We have chosen the rural settlements near Coimbatore city. The reason behind choosing the villages Valukkuparai and Palathurai is that they are located on the fringe of a city. Both villages are located in the vicinity of each other and in turn of the city. The students are studying the aspects like of these two villages. In today’s context the fringe areas are undergoing lot of transformations owing to the current trends in development. Hence, along with the other aspects the students are also studying the various challenges faced by these villages and the resultant transformations happening owing to the developmental pressure. The study of the transformations taking place in these two villages is the main aim of the studio.  It is an ongoing process and will result into analysis of the collected data. It will also result in a designed built form relevant to the context of these villages. 

Palathurai Gallery