Team CSA

The faculty at CSA consists of some of the finest talent from the Architecture field. All our professors are specialized in various fields of Architecture and are pursuing research and practice as well. This enables them to offer realistic teaching modules to help students learn the fundamentals of Architecture as well as theoretical practice.

The professors at CSA’s are committed to educating future professionals who will bring innovation and creativity to the built environment. With this in mind, we promote leadership by bridging the gap between education and profession, especially in bringing integrated design practices into the classroom. Guest lectures, Workshops / Seminar and interface with the industry leaders are an integral part of the learning dynamics in CSA.

Prof Gayathri Viswanathan B.Arch, M.Plan (Regional Planning)

Professor & Director

Prof Gayathri Viswanathan, Director, Faculty of Architecture at Sasi Creative Colleges, holds her Masters degree in Planning and is currently pursuing her PhD. in Planning. She carries with her nearly 17 years of experience in Teaching and Administration experience in Indian and International level. Her area of specialisation includes Architecture and Planning.

Prof Sam Charles Devanand B Arch., M Tech (Project Management)

Professor & HoD

Prof Sam Charles, Head of the Department, carries over 17 years of experience across diverse verticals in the AEC industry with specialization in Project Management and Information Management and as an academician. He has been a part of Sasi Creative School Of Architecture since 2020.

Prof P.S.Sridhar M.Arch (General)


Prof Sridhar, Professor at Sasi Creative School of Architecture, holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture. He carries a vast professional experience of nearly 30 years and also runs his own practice as a consultant architect. He also holds 13 years of teaching experience and specializes in subjects like Urban design, Climatology and Architectural Drawing.

V.Gajalakshmi  M.Arch (Advanced Design)

Associate Professor

Gajalakshmi, Associate Professor, holds a Master’s degree in Advance Design and specializes in Sustainability and lighting design. She carries 6 years of professional experience in handling LEED projects and 9.5 years as an academician. Her interests include passive technologies in building construction and is a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture since 2020.

Vijay Vinithan  M.Arch (General)

Associate Professor

Vijay Vinithan carries over 10 years of professional practice and is an active academician. He is interested in researching vernacular architecture and has been a part of Sasi since 2020.

Anbuchchelvi Kalaiarasan M.Arch

Associate Professor

Anbuchchelvi has an experience of 8 years in practice and teaching, graduating from the most renowned institutions like TCE, Madurai and finishing her PG in SAP, Anna University, Chennai. She has a very interpretive knowledge in the subjects. Her other interests include Nature Appreciation, Urban Art, Nature Art, Craft work, Gardening.

Thamin Mohamed Ansary M.Arch

Associate Professor

Thamin Mohamed Ansary holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree and a Master of Architecture Degree from MEASI Academy of Architecture. He worked in WSP Middle East Dubai for more than 5 years as a senior architect and in CRN Architects for more than 3 years. Started his own firm in Trichy in 2012.

Ansary has distinguished himself in the sustainable architectural portfolio. His involvement has included key responsibilities on MASDAR zero carbon city in Abudhabi, UAE.

In addition to his work in sustainable architecture, Ansary experience includes institutional and residential projects. He worked on Indian Institute of science education and Research College in pune, the GRIHA GOLD-certified Institutional project. Apart from project work, Ansary enjoys sharing his knowledge and has presented at both academic and professional design seminars.

Matilda Rebecca Correya B.Arch

Asst. Professor

Matilda Rebecca Correya, an Assistant Professor in Sasi Creative School of Architecture, earned her B.Arch Degree in 2011. She comes with a professional experience of more than 3 years with firms in Chennai and Pondicherry, in both Architecture and Design. She has been a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture since 2015 and has been handling various subjects and also continues her practice in Interior design till date.

Aswin Kumar K K B.Arch

Asst. Professor

Aswin Kumar, Assistant Professor at Sasi Creative School of Architecture, earned his Bachelor’s degree in 2013. He comes with seven years of extensive professional experience as a project architect with renowned firms in Bangalore and continues his practice till date in Coimbatore specializing in Documentation and contour site projects.

M.Arunkumar M.Arch (Sustainable Architecture)

Asst. Professor

Arunkumar, earned his Bachelor’s degree in 2014 and has been a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture since 2017. He comes with a professional experience of 2 years with firms in Coimbatore and with his keen interest in Energy efficiency and Sustainability is pursuing research on the same currently.

Chenthur Raaghav M.Arch (Advanced Architecture)

Asst. Professor

Chenthur Raaghav, holds a Master’s in Advanced Architecture and is a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture as a Guest lecturer. Co Founder of the architecture firm A plus R architects in Coimbatore, he has professional experience with a firm in Barcelona and a speaker at multiple  national and international platforms like TEDx, INSDAG, GABA Dubai and Egypt Arch Summit. He specializes in Parametric Architecture, Data Driven architecture, Material and Intelligence Research and Planning Principles for Smart Cities. He also has taken up research on 3D printed buildings and produced research papers in structural components for 3D printing.

H.Pawan Kumar B.Arch

Asst. Professor

Pawan Kumar, Assistant Professor at Sasi Creative School of Architecture, has been with us since 2019 and earned his B.Arch degree in 2014. He comes with 6 years of Professional experience, heading his own practice in Coimbatore along with 5 years of teaching experience. His areas of interest includes Interior Design and sustainability in architecture.

 Nivedhitha Karthikeyan B.Arch

Asst. Professor

Nivedhitha Karthikeyan, completed her Bachelor’s in Architecture in 2014. She holds a professional experience of 5 years with firms in Bangalore, handling Architectural and Interior design projects in residential and hospitality sector, involved in Design & Execution with both conventional and alternative construction methods and continues to practice till date. She has been a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture since 2019 and has keen interests in alternative construction techniques.

Renitha Esther M  M.Arch (Landscape Sustainable Planning and Land Policies)

Asst. Professor

Renitha Esther, holds a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture, and Sustainable Planning and Land Policies from France. She has been a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture since 2019. She carries a year’s professional experience and a year of teaching experience. She is specialized in Site Planning and Landscape design and her expertise is on how landscape design impacts the image and safety of a place in an urban context.

S.Selva Harishni M.Arch (General)

Asst. Professor

Selvaharishni, has been a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture as an Assistant Professor since 2019, and holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture. She carries experience in development of design at different scales and tilted towards design thinking for strengthening societies to have a positive effect on the world.

R.Manoj Kumar M.Arch (Advanced Design)

Asst. Professor

Manoj Kumar, an Assistant Professor at Sasi Creative School of Architecture since 2020, holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture. He comes with a professional experience of 3 years from multiple firms and continues to practice.

K Balasubramaniam M.E (Construction Engineering and Management)

Asst. Professor

Balasubramaniam, an Assistant Professor in Sasi Creative School of Architecture, is a civil engineer and holds an M.E in Construction Engineering and Management. He carries more than 5 years of Industrial Experience in Project planning and Management in projects ranging from small scale to airports and highways. He also holds more than 6 years of teaching experience in both Civil engineering and Architecture Departments.

Mohamed Riazudeen.R M.E (Structural Engineering)

Asst. Professor

Mohamed Riazudeen,holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Master’s in Structural engineering, and has been teaching since then in Coimbatore. He has been a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture since 2018 and has been handling subjects related to structures.

S. Hananeel M.Arch (Advanced Design)

Asst. Professor

S. Hananeel, an Assistant Professor with 2 years of experience as an academician is now part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture. He holds a Master’s degree in Advance Design specializing in sustainability and with professional experience in handling various architectural projects.

Ajith George C M.Arch (Advanced Design)

Asst. Professor

Ajith holds a Master’s degree in Advanced Design with specialization in sustainability and is actively researching on alternative building materials. Ajith is a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture from 2020 as an Assistant Professor.

Narendhiran. N  M.Arch (General)

Asst. Professor

Narendhiran, a Practicing Architect and a Creative Evolutionist, expresses broader views towards contemporary approach embedded with traditional methods. He is a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture from 2020.

A.Ninitha M.Arch (General architecture)

Asst. professor

Holds a Master’s degree in General architecture from TCE, Madurai. With a focus on Urban housing, currently researching the impact of landscapes in Urban neighbourhoods. Architect in practise , Majoring residential projects. Areas of interest include Building Services and Climatology.

Dhinesh N M.Plan

Asst. Professor

Dhinesh, Assistant Professor at Sasi Creative School of Architecture, holds a Master’s degree in Town and Country planning. He started his career as a junior architect in Coimbatore for three years and now has his own practice in Karur. His areas of interest and specialization includes planning and housing.

Pradeepkumar N M  M.Arch (Energy Efficient and Sustainable Architecture)

Asst. Professor

Pradeep Kumar holds a Master’s degree specializing in Energy efficient and sustainable architecture and has worked on various architectural projects involving energy efficiency and management. He specializes in green buildings, energy conservation, passive cooling and thermal comfort. He has been a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture from 2020.

Bala Damodaran B  B.Arch

Asst. Professor

Bala Damodaran, a part of Sasi Creative School of Architecture since 2020, holds a Bachelor’s degree in architecture and has completed Laurie Baker Fellowship in Laurie Baker Center for Habitat Studies (LBC), Trivandrum. He has worked on multiple cost effective and Eco-friendly constructions.He also holds experience working with leading landscaping architecture firms in Bangalore and has worked on projects in India and Srilanka.

Harish Kumar  Arch(Urban Designer)

Asst. Professor

Harishkumar Chandran is an Architect and an Urban Designer based in Coimbatore. He holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai and a Master of Urban Design from CEPT, Ahmedabad.He has been practising as an architect since 2014 and has considerable experience with the design of large format housing, affordable housing and individual residences with renowned firms in Bangalore. He established “HAIKU DESIGN” in 2020, an architecture and urban design practice in Coimbatore. He is passionate about the idea of crafting inclusive habitats and has keen interest in exploring alternative paradigms for inclusive urban spaces in Indian cities.

Sowndharya A  A.Arch

Asst. Professor

Sowndharya Arumugam is a Sasi alumna with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. She is also an avid art aficionado, having completed various painting commissions and teaching private workshops under the banner of the ‘EUCLID’ studio. She is presently employed by SASI as an assistant professor.