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” Our aim is to provide the students with the best blend of theory and practice to enable them to graduate as thorough professionals, ready to take on the world. “


Legendary artist, sculptor, painter, ceramist, stage designer, poet and playwright Pablo Picasso had famously said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”, pointing out how the driver for creativity and innovation is innate in every human being, and how ignoring this can dim these capabilities as children grow up and enter the real world.

At Sasi Creative School of Architecture, it is our endeavor to kindle and nurture this innate creativity. In fact, the operative word at CSA is ‘Creative’. We subscribe to the idea that creativity is the single factor that distinguishes the leader from the herd. What we seek to do is bring creativity into play as part of the learning process. It involves two processes: thinking, then producing.



CSA has signed an MOU in 2020 with Birmingham School of Architecture & Design, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK, to collaborate in providing global academic & research opportunities for faculty and students. The potential opportunities would include, but not limited to the following:

  • Study Abroad and Student Exchange Programmes
  • Faculty, Scholar and Staff Exchange Programmes
  • Development of Joint Curriculums
  • Research Collaborations, and Exchange of teaching and academic materials, publications and other information.

About Birmingham City University : 

With around 24,000 students from 80 countries, Birmingham City University is a large and diverse place to study, giving students the best opportunities for future success.

Their excellent courses, state-of-the-art facilities, first-rate staff, and focus on practical skills and professional relevance is producing some of the country’s most employable graduates.

The MOU provides both the institutions the possibility for exploring options like introduction to their Master’s Degree Program through innovative formats and cost effective to the aspirants of the Coimbatore region. This would provide the global exposure and reach much needed for the 21st century professionals.

Also, SCC faculty would share their expertise with the faculty and students of BCU, UK to help them acquire a creative edge especially with designing of modern structures.



  1. Creative school of architecture (also known as Sasi Creative School of Architecture) in 2019 is ranked 23rd in INDIA by renowned OUTLOOK INDIA magazine. Undoubtedly we are the best in our region and amongst Top 4 institutes in Tamil Nadu.
  2. Stands No.1 in Pass Percentage in the region, securing top ranks in the University exams.
  3. CSA has signed an MOU in 2020 with Brimingham City University, UK. This facilities collaborations on Student and Faculty Exchange, Study Abroad, Credit Transfer, Research and more. Other collaborations with other university include MOU with BITS, UAE and certificated program participation National University of Singapore.
  4. CSA has the highest number of faculty members among 80 intake colleges in the region. All our professors are from different backgrounds with varied work experience, citing leading institutions like IIT, CEPT, SPA, NIT, SAP etc., as their alma mater.
  5. The CSA campus is fully-equipped with the best and latest infrastructure. The library comprises of over 4000 books amongst which are 1000 international books and journals. The workshop lab has advanced equipment such as weather station, laser cutter, 3Dprinter, advanced laser printer, 10 imported Bosch Machine and tools, etc.

Architecture is a professional course like Doctors, CAs, and Lawyers, wherein one needs to be certified by the Government in order to qualify and practice in that profession. Like other professional courses, most people start their own practice or firm after they gain sufficient industrial reputation, relations and experience. One need not worry about getting a job, but rather treats it as equipping themselves for their future career as an entrepreneur.

Architecture is about impacting lives and leaving a behind a legacy. The greatest monuments in the world are the only things that have withstood time. They stand as the only legacy humans leave behind. There is a great responsibility that comes with being an Architect, the power to create a work of art and influence people for generations to come.


B.Arch (Anna University, Chennai)

We offer a five year exclusive Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) program approved by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi and affiliated to Anna University, Chennai.

What we teach here, apart from the technical skill sets, is a radical conceptual approach to architecture and test them through debate and through application in public space. You will learn to consider spatial practice in relation to the human conditions experienced in everyday life as well as in relation to social, political, landform, urban and virtual environments.

‘Spark’ a series of technical lectures, workshops and seminars is organized throughout the year to give an insight into the many domains of architecture. This program also brings in practising professionals from interdisciplinary fields as experts and mentors to inspire CSA students.

AnD Conclave: In 2020, an architecture cum design conclave called ‘AnD Conclave’ was held to build awareness among the Designers/Architecture community about how these creative professions today influence human kind. It was held at national level and graced upon by most eminent thinkers in Design and Architecture.


Sasi Creative School of Architecture, Coimbatore, has signed up for an affiliation with one of the mega giants in the field of Architecture.

Seeing its inception in the year 1912, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) is a global consortium of architectural academies producing future architects, designers, innovators and visionaries who will be the upcoming catalysts in the field of architecture thus becoming the voice of architectural education.

ACSA is a worldwide association that provides architectural intelligentsia and the much needed insight to its members through data science, its research and in-depth analysis for landscape architecture and other fields related to it. Their mission is to enhance the practicing standards of teaching and research across the architectural pedagogy, through its volunteering members and through partnership with peer organizations in education and practice around the world.

ACSA provides a platform for international peer review and recognition in the form of scholarly journals, conferences, awards, and student design contests and exhibitions.

The members of the ACSA would enjoy benefits like 

  1. Performing research for data about architectural education.
  2. Eligibility to submit conference papers for review, presentation, and publication. 
  3. Access to National and International Design Competitions. Eligible to submit papers for review, presentation, and publication at ACSA conferences. 
  4. Opportunity to be published on IMADETHAT’s Instagram page which reaches over 100,000 people per week across the globe. 
  5. Eligibility to serve on global ACSA committees and task forces.

Sasi Creative School of Design has also signed an MOU in 2020 with Birmingham School of Architecture & Design, UK, for global academic & research opportunities to its faculty and students. The potential opportunities would include– Study Abroad and Student Exchange Programmes, Faculty, Scholar and Staff Exchange Programmes, Development of Joint Curriculums.

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At Sasi Creative School of Architecture, it is our endeavor to kindle and nurture this innate creativity...

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