About CSA

Creative School Of Architecture

Legendary artist, sculptor, painter, ceramist, stage designer, poet and playwright Pablo Picasso had famously said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”, pointing out how the driver for creativity and innovation is innate in every human being, and how ignoring this can dim these capabilities as children grow up and enter the real world.

At Sasi Creative School of Architecture, it is our endeavor to kindle and nurture this innate creativity. In fact, the operative word at CSA is ‘Creative’. We subscribe to the idea that creativity is the single factor that distinguishes the leader from the herd. What we seek to do is bring creativity into play as part of the learning process. It involves two processes: thinking, then producing.

Innovation is the production or implementation of an idea. If you have ideas, but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative. For the process of bringing something new into being, creativity requires both passion and commitment.

Architecture is not only about big buildings, complex designs and implementation of plans. It is also about aesthetics. It iss about bringing creativity and innovation into play. It is about looking at space as a canvas on which you create a work of art. Today, the division of knowledge and expertise between the fields of architecture and engineering that served so well in the industrial age is passé. The digital age calls for resources that bring in creative contact between design and research across fields and disciplinary boundaries. In fact, digital age practices demands flexibility and enterprise that takes the field of architecture into newer and more challenging areas.

The exchange of knowledge is now taking at a rapid pace thanks to the digital revolution and in this new scenario, architecture students need to move faster and be smarter. Apart from being able to use the latest tools, they also need to learn about adapting to a rapidly changing work environment.

Our aim to provide the students with the best blend of theory and practice to enable them to graduate as thorough professionals, ready to take on the world.

Swaminathan Rajalakshmi Educational and Charitable Trust

Trustees: Shri R. Swaminathan, Smt S. Rajalakshmi, Mr Rajdeepan Swaminathan, Mrs Suchi Rajdeepan Sasi Creative Colleges which includes Creative School of Architecture (CSA) and Creative College of Design (CCD) is managed by the Swaminathan Rajalakshmi Educational and Charitable Trust. Established in 2009, the trust was created with the noble intention to help deserving students pursue professional education, thus equipping the youth of India to truly make a difference in the world around them.


CSA is located amidst a picturesque setting on NH209 between Coimbatore and Pollachi with the theme of an ‘Organic Orchard’.

The environment is designed to enhance one’s creativity by allowing individuals to interact with the environment around them, and understand the simple and fundamental laws of nature itself. This ignites the wisdom to create solutions that are sustainable and progressive.

This unique environment allows prospective students to face the most challenging cases in business with relative peace and ease, thereby maximizing their creative output. The Campus is wellequipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure such as Digital Classrooms, Studios, Seminar Halls, Computer Lab, and Student Lounges. The campus also has other amenities such as student lockers and a cafeteria that serves fresh and delicious home-style food to students & staff.

CSA is a lush green property situated in Myleripalayam, just 18 kilometres from the centre of Coimbatore city.

While away from the hustle and bustle, it’s only 25 minutes away from the central railway station, and 40 minutes to the airport, via the new bypass. It is also walkable distance to the closest bus stop, and our own college buses ply to all major locations. These key attributes make it an ideal environment to live and learn.




    The studios at CSA offer the best possible environment for students to put into practice what they have learnt in theory. At the studios, students can fine-tune and hone their model-making skills, utilizing various architectural tools, with the guidance of our expert faculty. The studio ambiance is such that it brings out the best creative abilities of our budding architects.


    CSA has modern computer labs where students can sharpen their skills on the latest available software packages and tools in a world-class setting. Some of the software available at the lab includes 3DSMax, Revit, Ecotect, Autocad, Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver and Sketchup. The computer labs also boast of modern acoustic insulation in order to provide students with a quiet atmosphere free from noise.

  • Library

    The Creative Colleges library is well-stocked with a growing collection of detailed textbooks, critically acclaimed books, the latest journals and magazines from India and abroad. From building construction to architectural theory, urban design, landscaping, interior design, architectural history and more, students can find a wealth of knowledge to refer to across disciplines. We also have a large digital collection covering the entire spectrum of topics in architecture and international design standards.


    CSA boasts of one of the most modern seminar halls in this region. This has the latest audiovisual equipment ideally suited for the conduct of seminars, conferences and presentations. We have hosted several eminent architects and construction professionals who have shared their words of wisdom here on different occasions.


    CSA has an exclusive cafeteria located in the basement. Students can find a variety of snacks and beverages here. They also have access to the Creative Colleges Garden Canteen which serves delicious, wholesome meals made with the best of ingredients.