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Redevelopment brought in a fresh lease of life to London’s obsolete docks ( Pic Courtesy : Wikipedia)

The density of population in India is one of the highest in the world. It has also got one of the fastest urbanization rates globally. With people flocking to urban areas, dearth of space is something that is driving real estate prices quite literally through the roof. Apart from going vertical with high-rise buildings, another major trend that is being witnessed in recent times is that of redevelopment projects.

Redevelopment projects offer their own unique set of challenges to Architects, particularly in the case of heritage buildings. While buildings being demolished and new ones being built are relatively easy to work once since they are at the end of the day treated as new buildings , and could be termed’ renewal’ of structures, redevelopment old heritage or historical buildings presents its own set of engineering as well as architectural challenges.

With land becoming a precious commodity in urban areas, redevelopment seems to be the way forward. There have been instances when entire neighborhoods have got a fresh lease of life. A good example for it would be docks on the famed Thames River in London. The earlier derelict docks once redeveloped  are now considered one of the foremost pieces of real estate in the world.